Month: September 2015

Tesla handing out free chargers to Airbnb locations

Tesla handing out free chargers to Airbnb locations

If you drive a Tesla and use accommodation renting service Airbnb a lot, this might be some good news for you. Starting in California, Tesla will hand out free charging stations to certain Airbnb locations.

The primary goal for Tesla is to expand the range of its vehicles – not just with bigger battery packs or revolutionary technology – but also by expanding their charging network. Soon that will include Airbnb, a company that boasts locations in over 34,000 cities, 190 countries, and has served over 40 million customers.

The plan is to retrofit quality Airbnb locations with Tesla chargers like those used by Tesla owners.

With the deal, Tesla will be expanding its charging network by around 500 Airbnb locations, slowly spreading form California to other states.

Source: Jalopnik